Ron Elkman, USA Today

Adam Lambert Says a New Album Is Coming & It Will Be "Yummy"

By: Hayden Wright

February 14, 2018

Some artists keep their next album plans close to the chest — but not Adam Lambert.

Last night the singer (and sometimes Queen frontman) fielded fan tweets about his next solo effort. Based on Lambert’s update, the new album (yet untitled) sounds eclectic, personal and… yummy?

“I have been working really hard on it!” Lambert wrote in a tweet.

Some fans wanted to know how many songs Lambert has in the pipeline. Adam revealed that he’s written lots but he may need to edit the list down to complete the album and choose singles.

Lambert revealed that it's still early in the process for the album, but he has written a lot of tracks.

That’s great, you say — but when will this yummy new album drop? A release date is TBD but Lambert promised that new music will premiere in 2018.

We'll take that! 

Lambert’s last studio album, The Original High, was released in 2015.