Alexa is Weirding Amazon Echo Users out with Her Impromptu Laughter

And apparently Amazon now has a fix!

March 8, 2018

Alexa is starting to weird out Amazon Echo users with her laughter … because she’s not laughing with you—she’s laughing at you.

Or maybe she’s laughing to taunt, scare, and/or mock you. It’s possible it’s just a malfunction. And it’s also possible that artificial intelligence is getting a little too intelligent.

Whatever the reason, these Twitter users aren’t feelin’ it. See their reactions to Alexa’s creepy, impromptu laughter:


The bad news? You’re not hearing things—Amazon confirmed Alexa’s definitely laughing at you. The good news? A fix is in the works.

According to CNN, a statement released by Amazon confirmed the bizarre bug and explained that an Echo may mistakenly hear an “Alexa, laugh” command. To resolve the issue, Amazon is reportedly working to change the command to “Alexa, can you laugh?” hoping the more precise language will cut back on the device’s misinterpretations and therefore result in less … strange giggles.

So, next time you hear random laughter when you’re home alone, check with Alexa first. If you don’t own an Amazon Echo, we can neither confirm nor deny that you live in a haunted house.