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Apple Will Reportedly Stop Manufacturing Rose Gold iPhones

By: Nicki G.

August 14, 2017

Rumors are swirling about the upcoming release of the iPhone 8. It’s expected to be announced soon. 

Danny Winget is a YouTuber who claims that he has the final proto-type for the phone. He showed it off in a recent video posted to his popular YouTube channel. 

The part I think is kind of crazy? Apple may replace the rose gold iPhone with copper gold/bronze color. It’s disgusting! Of course, nothing has been confirmed, but there is usually some truth to rumors before an iPhone release. 

Winget notes that the shade is much darker. In fact, he said it’s a drastic change from the rose gold color, and went on to call it “pretty ugly.” 

I really don’t get why they would change it. Rose gold is HUGE right now. Seems like a big mistake to me.

Watch the full video below to see for yourself: