Watch The Revivalists Turn "Change" Into an Acoustic Jam

The 'Take Good Care' track is the band's latest hit

January 22, 2019

Like many rock bands, The Revivalists had to pay their dues with blood, sweat and extensive touring until they broke through to the masses. Their 2016 hit single “Wish I Knew You” expanded their fan base, and the 8-piece from New Orleans came back even stronger and more polished on 2018’s Take Good Care.

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The fourth studio album by The Revivalists featured another catchy #1 on the Billboard Adult Album Alternative Chart in “All My Friends.” And now a second song from the album has a chance to get there as well.

“Change” currently sits in the top 10 on the chart, and RADIO.COM is excited to share an exclusive, stripped-down, but intense performance of the track. Guitarist Zack Feinberg stretches his fingers a little further with each passing measure, matching the fervor of David Shaw’s vocals. Check it out in the video above.