Lady Gaga Still "Recovering" From 'A Star Is Born'

Emotional film left an impression on the singer/actress

November 29, 2018

Bradley Cooper’s A Star is Born remake was an emotional experience for everyone, from those involved in the project, to those who watched the movie. So much so that Lady Gaga says she is still “recovering” from her first feature film acting experience.

Here’s what she told The Hollywood Reporter's Actress Roundtable:

“The amount of places that you have to go to from a deep perspective - to the nectar of your hearts - and you go deep, deep down every time to play a role. And to bring that deep, deep place every day to set – that is incredible.”

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Gaga’s comment came in the form of a compliment to the veteran actresses in the room, including Glenn Close and Nicole Kidman.

Gaga received rave reviews for the way she brought rising pop star “Ally” to life in the movie, and the soundtrack went to the top of the Billboard 200 - her 5th #1 on the chart.