The Best Place For Moms To Hide Their Food

March 22, 2018

Moms, meet the biggest threat to your ability to have your own snacks: the teenage boy.


These human vacuums will eat you out of house and home, leaving you with nothing more than your tears and the end slices of bread. So how exactly can you enjoy your favorite snacks amidst the hustle and bustle of being a stressed-out parent?


A listener named Cheryl had a WONDERFUL hiding spot for all of you moms out there to hide your favorite snacks...

STEP 1: Choose your snack.


STEP 2: Find your tampon box (partially or completely empty).


STEP 3: Place said snack in tampon box.


You see, feminine hygeine products are the kryptonite of every male in existence...just the sight of a box of tampons will send them running for the hills! Hide your snacks in that spot and not a soul will think twice to look there.

Honestly it's a win-win scenario for everyone because when mom is happy, everyone is happy!