Locked iPhones, Free Lovin' And Other Odd News From Bob

March 12, 2018

Check out these stories Bob found pretty interesting...

Who knew such a thing could happen?!?! Well apparently it did in Shanghai...a mom left her iPhone at home and returned to find that her toddler had repeatedly entered the wrong passcode into the phone so many times that it had been locked for 25 MILLION minutes. The only options to fix it were to either wait the 48 years for it to unlock or completely wipe the phone and start over.


Utah is probably the last state you'd expect this to happen, but the Utah State Bar had to apologize after a picture of a topless woman was sent to every lawyer in the state! Here's their official statement:


A family in Australia made history when they stumbled upon what is now the oldest message in a bottle that's ever been discovered. The note dates all the way back to 1886 as part of an experiment that was done by the German Naval Observatory.


A blogger in China cause chaos after jokingly offering free sex and posting her hotel room number...this led to literally THOUSANDS of men swarming the hotel! Police had to get involved and she was arrested for suspicion of advertising prostitution.