Relationship Red Flags People Ignore

March 6, 2018

Love is wild and can make us do some pretty crazy things, such as ignoring potential signs that our partner isn’t as great as we think they are. Bob & Sheri discussed a few of the relationship red flags people tend to overlook:

It does happen that people have really, really bad exes. But your partner’s the type to ALWAYS blame their exes for everything that’s gone wrong in every relationship, that could be a warning sign.

Does your gut tell you one thing, but your partner's trying to convince you of another? Good partners don’t play mind games.

Not everyone wants to spend every Sunday having dinner with their partner’s family, or go to dinner with their friends every other night. But NEVER making an effort? That’s definitely a problem. Both Bob and Sheri agree that sometimes you’ve gotta just suck it up and go along!

Oh, so they think we won’t notice them pulling their phone away when a text pops up, or they leave the room to take a phone call? Remind them that they aren't slick!

Forever a great way to judge someone’s character is how they treat other people. If they can’t treat a server or others with common decency, that says more about who they are than it does what they’re reacting to.