Someone Is Mysteriously Shaving Other People's Cats In Virginia

May 1, 2017

Someone is shaving cats in Virginia, and police and cat owners are at a complete loss as to whom is responsible . At least seven cats in the Waynesboro Virginia neighborhood have been shaved, dating back to December. The cats are being shaved on their lower abdomens and groin areas and that originally led police to believe someone was abducting the cats and getting them spayed or neutered. However, that appears to not be the case, as some cats have been shaved multiple times.

While the incidents stretch back months, the shavings have just recently been reported to police this week. At least two cat owners have gone to the cops, but no one seems to have seen anything suspicious or seen any suspects that could be responsible for the bizarre crimes, not to mention police aren't even sure a crime has been committed. The cats that have been shaved are clearly pets and were wearing collars and while the cats weren't physically harmed in any way, one owner says that since being shaved her cat has been "real skittish and he feels really weird around people." Cat owners have put up flyers around the neighborhood warning other residents about the Cat-Shaver on the loose