Mike Beebe, of Mayfield Robotics, shows off Kuri the company's home robot at CES Unveiled Las Vegas at the Bellagio Convention Center.

Robert Hanashiro - USA TODAY

CES 2018 : Live From the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

Because robots and A.I. are the future, and the future is now

January 9, 2018

The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas officially opens its doors today and we're live from just off the strip because A.I. and robots are the future... and the future is NOW, sheeple! That's right, we sent our guys BJ Shea and Steve Migs to cover all of the crazy, wild tech that'll soon be taking over the world... oh, wait, have the robots starting to rise up yet? Anyway, stick with us over the next couple of days as BJ & Migs report back on how much power our robot overlords have for 2018 and beyond!

But for real, CES is a great place to check out the incredible advancements in consumer technology, like with televisions for instance. Here's what BJ sent from the show last night.

Hey it's BJ, covering CES 2018 from Las Vegas!

It's been a whirlwind spectacle for us at CES with opportunities to explore the future of technology around every corner and in every room of a dozen locations here in Vegas, but I wanted to talk about a few things we were introduced to during the Panasonic panel.

Panasonic had a lot to say about adding Amazon Echo to your driving experience, allowing Alexa to help with navigation, weather forecasts & news, your car's climate control systems and, of course, the radio.

Next up, Panasonic gave me a real "Minority Report" moment when they described how they were using facial recognition and GPS tracking to help businesses identify repeat customers, locate them when they are near a particular shop, and then find out if that customer wanted to place an order for speedy pick-up in that store!

The last thing I wanted to share with you from Panasonic is the advent of the autonomous, modular, mobile shop. These self-driving vehicles can be outfitted with hardware and self-controlled systems for anything from delivering your Amazon purchases to making and delivering Pizza Hut pizza right to your door.

Now that sounds like the kind of "smart vehicle" that I could definitely get on board for!

That's all for now, thanks for reading and look forward to more of our CES 2018 coverage!