Heroes In Healthcare

Nominate Your Hero Now!

May 7, 2020

The true heroes in our world right now are our healthcare workers, so let's honor them publicly!

107.9 The Link is inviting listeners to salute a hardworking healthcare worker by submitting a photo and description to nominate your "Hero in Healthcare."

Each week until June 28, we will be promoting these heroes on 107.9 The Link for a heartfelt shoutout on-air. 

Plus, we'll show our appreciation with a $100 gift card for each winner selected. 

Presented by Carolina Asthma & Allergy.  


May 18: Bridgette Lindsay (Levine's Children's Hospital)

"Bridgette absolutely loves her job and patients! She gives 100% of her heart to her job and the little ones she cares for. She loves to make them laugh and smile and forget, even if just for a minute, why they are in the hospital!"

May 25: Taylor Seger (Atrium Health) 

"My 24-year-old daughter Taylor is a healthcare hero! She has seen both sides of nursing. From lovely patients that praise her kindness and great care to the confused patients that have threatened her life, to being punched in the face by a 94-year-old woman (Taylor said, "she was strong too!") to comforting a patient as their loved one passes. She makes each of her patients experience in the hospital as the best possible experience she can. It may take her offering a listening ear, to administering medicine to researching a song a patient had been trying to find....anything to and make her patients happy. She's an inspiration to me!"