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Did Taylor Swift Turn Down Calvin Harris' Proposal?

By: Kelly Meyers

September 1, 2017

Who knew that so many people would watch Taylor Swift's video for "Look What You Made Me Do" over and over again to decipher the hidden meanings and symbols in it?

There's also a new theory that Calvin Harris is called out! 

There have been a lot of theories about some of the symbols in the video. 

Here are just a few:

1. Is Tay alluding to Kim Kardashian's Paris robbery?

2. If you watch the video closely, you will notice all the former Taylor's making an appearance. What do they mean?

3. In the car crash scene, Taylor's hair is short and shaved on the sides. She's seen holding a Grammy Award. Is this about Katy Perry who still hasn't won a Grammy? 

4. And now there's a new theory: many Swifties believe that in the video she's alluding to turning down Calvin Harris' proposal back right before they broke up. 

Maybe people are just looking for things and taking this a bit too far? Or maybe Taylor and Joseph Kahn, the video's director, are geniuses that were somehow able to fit all of this symbolism into just over four minutes?