May 2, 2017

Written by our friends at Camp Bow Wow Charlotte

With spring in bloom, we're reminded of our world's natural beauty. We take pride in being environmentally conscious and now more than ever, there are many ways to reduce our carbon footprint and our pups' carbon paw print. Pet owners are spending approximately $60 billion on their four-legged friends, much of which will lead to excess waste so it's even more important to learn about what small, convenient and inexpensive adjustments we can make that will greatly benefit the environment all year long.

Biodegradable Bags. Stores now carry a variety of eco-friendly options that are made for picking up after your dog.

Made in the USA. When buying dog food or treats, look for products that are made in the USA. Ones that are organic are even better for the environment and your pup. 

Adopt Don't Shop. Reducing the homeless pet population helps to reduce the stress that dogs place on the environment. We strongly encourage adopting pets from local shelters. 

Green Grooming. Products filled with chemicals are not only harmful for your furry friend, but for the planet as well. Look for products containing natural ingredients and eco-friendly products.