Emerging Artist: BØRNS

April 5, 2016

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BØRNSLike you, like all of us, Garrett Borns craves most what he cannot have. Anticipation, fantasy, longing—in some ways, these emotions of desire are more powerful than any trophy. But it’s not like we have a choice in the matter; love, as it’s been said, is all chemistry. In fact, it’s mostly a tiny chemical messenger called dopamine that pulls our heartstrings and drives our acts of romance. And so that’s just what the rising maestro BØRNS titled his debut full-length album of majestic, lovelorn anthems.

BØRNS, a Michigan native who spent time in New York before landing in his new home of Los Angeles, is a preternatural talent. He understands instinctively how to connect the intricacies of a melody to the sensual receptors in the human ear, and how to conjure up a song from its building blocks to reach the heavens.

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Working with the producer Tommy English, in 2014 BØRNS released the Candy EP, a shot of sunny, sweet, sweeping adrenaline to the pop music landscape that put “10,000 Emerald Pools” (produced by Kennedy) and “Electric Love” on playlists across the world. The latter even famously earned a fan in Taylor Swift, who tweeted about the song’s immediate gravity to her millions of followers. Recognizing something special, the Borns-English pair quickly began work on an album, writing and recording in between the steadily growing live shows, and with the stage in mind. Enamored of and inspired by his new home on the west coast, BØRNS injected much of that sunshine vibe into the new music.

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