Ever Wonder What the Guy Who Played 'Barney the Dinosaur' Looks Like?

By: Chris Debbins

June 12, 2017

Unless you lived under a rock, you probably watched the TV show Barney and Friends. Let's be honest: that show was AWESOME, right?

So did you ever think about the fact that there was a guy inside the Barney costume the entire time? You probably didn't, right? He was just...Barney. In fact, I think there was part of me that genuinely thought that maybe he really was a purple dinosaur.

Well, the guy played Barney was actually named David Joyner. A video was just posted all about him on YouTube:

Joyner played Barney from 1991-2001, but before he was Barney he was a software analyst. He has an engineering degree. Yes, Barney is smart!

He seems to have really liked the gig, and the money from residuals isn't bad either (he bought a house from it). Although the down side? The suit weighed 70 pounds and got up to 120 degrees. Whoa! 

Today, he's back in costume but as a different character. He plays "Hip Hop Harry" on a YouTube kids' show.