EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: K-Pop's BTS Shares Most Exciting Moments of U.S. Tour

May 24, 2017

BTS (The Bangtan Boys) are selling out arenas across the globe and smashing record sales every single day, but they told us about one recent highlight of their career that's been the most humbling moment to date.

We asked the K-Pop band what it was like to hear themselves on the radio when we caught up with them for our EXCLUSIVE video from the magenta carpet of the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. How did they react? They explained that hearing themselves on the radio in the United States was a pretty big moment in their young career:

"Is this serious? You know it's radio in the U.S., and our music still coming out so we still cannot believe that," they told us in our exclusive interview.

Did you notice the insane amount of screaming fans in the video too? Well, the guys definitely had more fanfare at the Billboard Music Awards this weekend than any other artist did. In fact, some of their fans waited in the triple-digit heat outside of the arena in Vegas for more than 8 hours to see the guys on the magenta carpet.

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