Following Yesterday's Tragedy Students Gathered for a Candlelight Vigil On Campus


May 1, 2019

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At 6 pm Students gathered on campus at Halton Arena for a moment of silence, prayer and words from fellow students and the Chancellor. 

After the speach and music students then made their way onto the quad in to pay respects to Ellis Parlier and Riley Howell who were killed and the four students who are still recovering from their injuries Drew Pescaro, Sean DeHart, Rami Alramadhan and Emily Houpt. 

 Students left flowers and lit candles at Kennedy Hall in a gathering following the events. 

One Mother was out giving hugs to students who may need one. 



After yesterday's tragedy students, faculty, friends, and supporters will be gathering on the UNCC quad at 6 pm for a candlelight vigil. 

Our sister station WBT will have coverage of this event.