Fun Fact: Starbucks Has A Secret Menu For Dogs?

August 23, 2016

Do you consider yourself a Starbucks aficienado? You are that friend that always knows the new drinks and secret menu items that are must try at the coffee chain. But I bet you didn't know there's a menu for dogs too.

Starbucks is not just for you and you friends anymore. You can bring your four-legged friend and sit out on your local Starbs patio and both enjoy a treat!

There's only one drink on the super, secret dog menu. It's something called the puppacino. Any guesses what it may be?

Don't worry it contains no caffeine. It's actually just a cup of whipped topping because what dog wouldn't want that.

Big sister treat ???? #BasicB #puppacino

See this Instagram photo by @clairbaxter * 58 likes

How adorable!

Starbucks Has a Secret Menu for Dogs

For the secret menu-obsessed, few national chains offer as many choices as Starbucks. There's the secret purple drink, the older news secret pink drink, and even a secret sneaky lid function. As far as customization goes, Starbucks pretty much rules the lot with a whopping reported 17,000 ways you can customize your drink-and that's just for humans.

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