Happy Caturday From Batman, The Cat With 4 Ears

August 13, 2016

If you know anything about me, it should be that I love cats. I love cute cate videos and happy ending cat stories even more. While perusing my timeline on Facebook, I saw a story about Batman. No, not the Super hero. Batman the cat from Pennsylvania. 

A video was posted a few days ago of Batman, the cat with four ears, by the PA Animal Shelter. As you can imagine he became an internet sensation because he's just so stinking cute.

“As an open door shelter, we take in and care for any animal brought to us. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, a four eared cat comes in the door!" said Hala Nuemah, managing director of the Western PA Humane Society.

Meet Batman, the four eared cat!

This beautiful, friendly, and unique three year old four eared cat is looking for his forever home! Please visit our website to learn more about adoptable animals at http://wpahumane.org!


When Batman became available for adoption, the public was all ears — he found a new family within hours.

Now that's a happy ending for your Caturday!

Cat with four ears named 'Batman' finds forever home

PITTSBURGH - "Batman" has finally found a forever family. Batman is a four-eared cat who was up for adoption at the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society in Pittsburgh. The 3-year-old rare breed was born with two ears in the front and two more in the back.

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