Health Benefits Of Training

Behavior Buddies

August 3, 2017

Written by our friends at Camp Bow Wow Charlotte

Consistent training is a vital ingredient in a better-behaved dog and a better human-dog bond, but did you know that it also has some important health benefits? Here are just a handful of these benefits. 

Eliminates confusion. Pups thrive when they know right from wrong and know what is expected of them in every situation. 

Encourages mental stimulation. Training keeps your pup stimulated mentally which helps to keep them alert as they age. 

Provides mental exercise. 10 minutes of training is equivalent to about 30 minutes of physical exercise! Mental stimulation plus physical stimulation in a dog makes for a better behaved, less anxious pup.

Opportunity for socialization. A well-behaved dog can go on outings and meet other people and dogs much more easily, which fulfills some of their social needs.


Training will help your dog become happier and healthier! Our Certified Behavior Buddies Trainers complete an extensive training program with top dogs behavior experts and can help you with anything from basic obedience and tricks, all the way up to the tougher issues like leash reactivity. Whether you want to participate in a group setting, take private lessons, or have us train your dog wile you're away, our trainers are ready to work with you and your pup.


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