Are your 'Textpectations' Too High?

July 3, 2018

While eating my lunch today, I was inspired by Amy Young a dating/lifestyle Coach on youtube to rethink my 'textpectations'. In a video she put out in 2016 she makes a few great points. When you're texting a crush, a boyfriend, or even a work friend what are you expecting to happen? What is your motive? 

Texting isn't always the best way to communicate high-level emotions or anything that is tense. Everyone knows that emotions and intention can be heavily misread through text. Saving those conversations for in-person and having a goal when talking to someone may be the best method to avoid those feelings of anxiety.

One of the main things that many texting Do and Don't blogs miss is that managing our expectations/agenda is probably more important than any message you could write. If what you're looking for from a text is the confirmation that someone likes you or how much someone likes you it may be time to take a step back and re-evaluate why you feel this way. Texting with a purpose and avoiding the phone when we're bored or feeling less confident can be a dating game changer. 

If someone is making less of an investment in you than you would like, invest less in them. Matthew Hussey another relationship coach talks about this in several videos. 

What Relationship Advice has been a Game Changer for you?