Are You Doing Meal Planning Wrong?

January 2, 2019

It's a New Year and many people's resolutions including eating healthy. Healthy eating and meal planning go hand in hand but are you doing meal planning backwards? Youtuber Jordan Page created a  video with a ton of tips for meal preppers. 

Some other tips for meal prep include:

1. Find recipes that excite you. Investing time in finding recipes that you're excited to make and that utilize the ingredients in your pantry is a great way to make sure you don't experience meal prepper burnout. 

2. What's the Weather forecast? It seems completely silly and unrelated but weather has a huge impact on your mood and what you might be craving. On cold rainy days you might be looking for more comfort food, whereas, on warm sunny days you might crave bright citrus flavors.

3. Choose a designated shopping day. If you know each week when you'll be doing the bulk of your shopping it will help you to keep away from picking up impulse items and buying things you don't need. Making a list and prepping ahead of time is a lot easier if you know what day each week you'll be shopping.

4. Leftovers. Most of the time we make too much and have plenty of leftovers. make sure to account for that. Growing up, our family had 'leftover night' where it was a hodgepodge of everything that had been cooked that week. 

5. Don't make dishes you don't like. Just because the ingredients are there doesn't mean you have to make that dish. If you don't like it you likely won't eat it.