Breakup Rituals

April 3, 2018

Chances are if you've been in a relationship you've experienced a breakup. Every person has their own cycle of 'grieving the relationship'. One of my breakup rituals is to read 'Eat Pray Love' for the 1000th time and listen to indie love songs. Changing your wardrobe or hair is also another popular Breakup Ritual. 

Here are some of our favorites from twitter:

I was reading an article on Elite Daily about ways to find closure after a breakup. Purging of all things associated with your ex is probably one thing we all should do. It's sometimes helpful to not only remove them from social media but to put away anything you have that could hold you back from moving on.

It's also important to remember that closure doesn't come from that other person. It usually comes from ourselves. The main thing people carry after the end of a relationship is guilt. It's not always important to know why, or to have a reason for a breakup apart from one of you is not happy.  Here's a list of things you don't have feel guilty about after a breakup.