Dating an Introvert

Mysterious or Distant?

March 14, 2018

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? If you're actively dating knowing someone's personality type can help you better understand some of their needs. If you're interested in or dating an introvert here are some things you might need to know. Find out what your personality type is here

1. Introverts aren't necessarily shy. Don't assume that a person is or isn't introverted if they're shy. There are some Introverts that are comfortable in social situations but prefer and require alone time.

2. They aren't completely open with everything they're feeling. Sometimes Introverts prefer to process their emotions on their own. Its not a question of trusting or feeling unable to share with their partner its just not how they deal with their emotions.

3. Don't expect an immediate response when something heavy happens. If you have an argument or you need to make decisions on something major many introverts need time to process how they feel and what they think about it ... alone... so that they know where they stand. Many extroverts find this worrisome or tiring and like they're left to make decisions. Give your introvert a reasonable amount of time to decide how they feel. It doesn't mean they don't care about you or your feelings. 

4. They don't want to be more social. There is nothing wrong with processing some emotions on your own and there's nothing wrong with not wanting to be around people. Introverts have their own way of dealing with the world and that's absolutely okay. As long as it's not detrimental to their health, let them be. 

5. Introvert/Extrovert Relationships can be especially strained. As an introvert in the dating world it can sometimes feel like the introvert and the extrovert are on different pages in life and have different goals. For more Idealistic introverts this can be especially discouraging and they might need a little reassurance to talk about their needs and wants as the relationship progresses. 

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