Do You Have Questions About Open Relationships?

March 14, 2018

Open relationships have become a hot topic in the dating world. Most people feel strongly on either side. Not everyone is right for an open relationship but how do you know what exactly an open relationship is? If you're curious and maybe you or your partner is interested what would it mean for your relationship?

Youtuber Shan Boody decided to open up about her relationship and take questions from Twitter. 


Would you ever participate in an open relationship? Buzzfeed put together a list of 17 Things Couples In Open Relationships Need You To Know

Julia Pugachevsky, a writer for Cosmopolitan, had a very different experience with her open relationship. She writes

" There was one instance when I picked him up from a bar one night and went back to his house, and there was a girl's car parked outside who was already in his bed waiting for him. I cried, kicked him out of my car, and left. He was okay with having the openness on his end, but was frustrated and upset when I finally brought up that I was going to see someone else. We weren't on the same page, and could never be on the same page because of our mismatched needs, and that was our demise."

Read her full story here.

The one thing I see in common in all the stories about open relationships is that you have to have open lines of communication and a willingness to have some level of commitment to your main partner. While knowing all the details isn't necessarily required being aware of the boundaries and commitment level is important to maintain trust and understanding of your partner.  

While you may not be keen on your partner seeing other people you also have the freedom to explore possibilities yourself. Allowing yourself to learn how you process relationships by experiencing those things with different people. The Onion created a list of pros & cons you can read here