What Does Your Hair Mean To You?

See What It Means to Hayley From Paramore

October 2, 2018

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Hayley from Paramore has always been a hair icon for me and many other young women. Her original fiery locks were inspirational and made a bold statement. Two years ago she made a huge change by changing to a beautiful almost cool toned blonde. So much of her image was centered around the bold hair color in a recent article for the Brand Good Dye Young #Strands blog Hayley talks about the change.

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When reading the article for me much of her story struck a chord. I have been dying my hair 'crazy', bright, interesting, 'weird', colors for many years now. I was 16 years old and a senior in high school the first time I made a major change to my hair. This also marked a major change in my life. Much like Hayley I felt that the people around me had decided who I was by what I had always been. 

Hair from that point on became an expression for me. Part of my style, part of my personality. It allowed me to jump past the introvert I am to be a little bolder and experiment with style. To overcome some anxieties I had about what other people saw me as and just be a little be more genuinely myself.