Parents Beware Popular Lip Syncing App Has a Dark Side

March 8, 2018 is a popular lip-syncing app among teens, tweens, and younger children with over 200 million users. On the surface it seems completely harmless and a good way for children to connect and have fun with music. But there's another side to that parents should concern parents. 

A recent blog on Medium illuminates a larger problem on the site. While Anastasia Basil was creating an account to check the site out before allowing her 10 year old daughter to join, she found porn amidst the rest of the user generated content. There's also a chat feature that can pose more issues and put your kids at risk. One father sent NBC Charlotte screenshots of messages he found on his seven-year-old daughter’s account.‘Send me pics without your t-shirt,’ the "" user urged after learning the little girl’s age. ‘Without clothes. Between us only.’

You might remember a recent scandal on YoutubeKids where explicit and disturbing content using popular childrens cartoon characters was making it through the age filtering systems. It seems that on any site, even kid safe ones its extremely important for parents to be aware of what type of content can be found especially if that content can be uploaded by other users. 

Parents can use parental controls to block the app altogether, a feature "" intentionally allowed in design.

Because is for users 13 and over only, we’ve given our apps a 12+ app store rating. This allows you to use these device-parental controls to simply block our apps from your underage child’s phone. You can get more info on how to block the APP from your child's phone or device here.