Want to Avoid Distraction? Consider a Distraction Journal

January 3, 2020
Man Distracted at Work

Do you find yourself easily distracted? It seems like when you have something important to do there's always something interesting you can find on the internet! In order to keep yourself on track consider a distraction journal. Youtube Channel The Financial Diet has a great video on the subject.

A great way to increase your productivity is to stash your phone in a drawer or lockbox while you work. Putting your phone in Do Not Disturb mode is a great way to avoid hearing the pings and finding yourself checking.

Another tip for increasing productivity is to do your hardest tasks before lunch if you wait until after lunch you might be too tired to complete anything too strenuous. Blocking out time to complete your task on your calendar and only checking email at set times during the day will allow you to complete bigger tasks before starting others. 

Consider if your workplace is helping you or distracting you from being productive toward your goals. Make sure you eliminate clutter, clutter on your desk can be a huge distraction. Live plants are also known to stimulate mood and productivity. Use some color in your workspace, not too much color, but enough to inspire creativity. A lot of office furniture/equipment tends to be in the neutral color range. Add a few fun pops of color on the walls or on your desk to stimulate your brain and help you be more productive.