What Happens When You Don't Want Children

March 27, 2018

It's easy to forget that being a parent is a choice and people are allowed to decide if they want to take that journey or path in life. Women who decide they do not want children often undergo a long and tiring process of explaining their choices to everyone around them. Christen Reighter explains her journey while trying to undergo surgical sterilization. She talks mostly about the process she underwent with her medical professionals. 

One in 5 women will not have biological children. Some of those women will choose to do so surgically. Women have been dealing with this sort of backlash any time they decide to not have children. Here's an article on how 11 Women Knew they Didn't Want Children.

It's not uncommon for people to tell women who speak openly about their desire to forgo motherhood "Well what if your husband wants kids?" "What happens if you change your mind one day?" Oftentimes the women have already given this desire, this choice much thought. They knew from very early on they didn't want to have children. A common misperception about these women is that they're selfish but there are many reasons a women might not want to have children. Those reasons can be very private and personal. Here's a list of things women who don't want kids wish you'd stop saying.