What Things Do You Find Creepy In Relationships?

March 6, 2018

What are some things you find creepy in a new relationship? Many people find Social media stalking to be crossing the line. It's important to give your partner the opportunity to tell you their stories in their frame of reference before seeking these narratives out online. We often forget that even though something is online there is some privacy and boundaries in place in someone's past.

There's difference in checking someone out before a blind date or meeting up for the first time and thoroughly stalking their exes, friends, and family online. 

We get that social media stalking is easy but it can be extremely creepy if you take it too far! 

Another thing people often find creepy is when someone doesn't make their own decisions or always agrees with whatever you decide. It can be extremely frustrating and damaging if you hope to have a long-term relationship with someone. Major decisions need to be discussed and you need to know that you're on the same page with someone about core values before commiting to a long-term relationship. 

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