Young Americans Are The Loneliest

May 2, 2018

Loneliness has become such an issue for people not just in America but all over the world. The UK appointed a minister of Loneliness to deal with the epidemic early this year. You might expect that the loneliest group in America would be those over the age of 75, however, a new study has found that young adults (those aged 18-22) are in fact the loneliest. Loneliness is a huge threat to someones mental and physical well-being. How is it possible for the generation that is so connected via the internet to be lonely? 

According to the Cigna Study, most Americans are considered lonely based on the loneliness scale.

“The biggest takeaway is that most Americans are considered lonely. This is an alarming statistic,” says Dr. Doug Nemecek, chief medical officer of behavioral health at Cigna. “But more importantly, if everyone who comes into contact with this data can ask themselves what they can do in their communities to affect change, that would be a really meaningful first step.” - Time Magazine

Everyone knows it's extremely hard to make friends as an adult. You could make the argument that Gen-Z and Millenials struggle more making friends in real life because of their dependancy on electronics. Whatever the reason may be here are some ways to make friends as an adult. Apps like Bumble, Tinder, and Me3 have options and ways you can just look for friends as well as date.