An EMERGENCY - Please Help!

Pet Rescue

December 20, 2017

Maggie Lu's Safe Haven found a sweet but weak 5-month-young puppy starving, tied up out in the freezing cold, and vomiting blood. With loving care and every resource possible they rushed this puppy to emergency vet care and rec'd the heartbreaking diagnosis of parvo. Parvo is deadly if not treated immediately. This up until now neglected puppy was immediately put on iv fluids, with many thinking she might not make it. Well, with all the will to live she has --the little girl did pull through that night!  Now --her care will be quite lengthy and costly and a drain of already slim monetary resources. Maggie Lu's Safe Haven is asking for YOUR help!!!  Any donations of any amount are needed for this little sweet girl. Things are still a bit touch and go, and we are all praying she will make it. Maggie Lu's Safe Haven Rescue THANKS YOU for your help!!!!  Please donate by Paypal by clicking here and can add note  "Untied Puppy Care" in memo section (not necessary)

With gratitude, Christa 

Maggie Lu's Safe Haven Rescue