Fun & Well mannered Zack could be the missing piece to your family!

Pet Of The Week Rescue - Looking for a forever home!

April 12, 2018

Will and Zack were brought in together as strays, in the back of a pickup truck, and patiently stayed in the truck without trying to get out until they could come inside the shelter! They are both fabulous dogs - probably less than 2 y/o.  Will weighs 78 lbs., and Zack weighs 70 lbs

Both are silly, affectionate, & love playing fetch with kids, like car rides and are happy and wiggly!  They have been at the shelter for some time now and they deserve to have families of their own.

The shelter is in Bamburg, SC- called the Mary Ann Morris Animal Society,  It’s a small, poorly-funded shelter in a very rural part of SC run by some fabulous and dedicated people.  We will provide free transport for approved adopters!

If anyone is interested, please contact:

THANK YOU so much!!!