Meet These Adorable Rescue Kitties Looking for a Family

Pet Of The Week - Looking for a forever home!

May 18, 2018

These loved kitties need furrever homes. They live well together but may be seperated. Each have uniquen qualities that bring love and joy! They have temporarily been placed in an office due to sudden allergy by child inside their first loving home. Do you have room in your heart & home for these precious ones?

Please contact Jenn at:

EMMA ~ Born July 2014.  She is a petite little thing.  Emma is a Manx and has a nub for a tail.  Emma’s fur is soft as silk and she is very easy going.  She wants to know whats going on at all times.  She is declawed in the front so she has to be an indoor only kitty.  She has lived with a small dog and other cats. 


LILY ~ Born April, 2007.  No known health issues.  She has beautiful green eyes and is a mostly-grey calico.  Lily loves to lay in the sun.  She has lived with other cats and dogs. 

COMET ~ Born July 2015.  He is a big boy at around 14lbs.  Def not chunky he is just a big kitty.  I think he may have Bengal in him.  He is very laid back.  Comet has not lived with dogs but has lived with other kitties.  Comet is microchipped.