These Dog Waste Bags Are Brilliant!

April 5, 2017

Earth Day will be here April 22nd.  As the date gets closer, I’m reminded of our collective responsibilities and most importantly --my personal "get to make a difference" in preserving our home – planet Earth.  As a mommy to my dog Demi, #1Thing I can do is use compostable dog waste bags.  Viola!, a contribution to sustainable living simply by making a thoughtful purchase of an already needed item – how easy is that?!  If you too have a furry-family member, I invite you to join me in buying plastic bags that don’t take THOUSANDS of years to break down.

Whether you buy waste bags at a pet store, health food store, or online (Thrive Market is one option). PLEASE join me in making this environmentally-friendly purchase and tell others.  The ripple effect (or Butterfly Effect) is huge whether we “see” it now or down the road. 

Click here for how these bags work

Click here for more about life span of non-biodegradable litter