Tips for New Cat Parents

May 5, 2017

It can be overwhelming to a cat to be given “run of the house” when they are relocated. They do not know where they are at and might possibly forget where the litter box is. Also, their instinct may be to hide behind furniture and you don’t get to interact like you need to. The below-stated procedure allows kitty to slowly become accustomed to their new home and ensures a great success in adjusting.

Bring kitty home and have a single room prepared for him/her - in a spare bedroom, bathroom, etc. Have litter, food, and water set up in there. Kitty will need a separate room at first so as to get used to the location of litter/food/water and not "miss" the litter box. If you have other pets, they will smell each other through the door. They will know each other is there. Keep kitty there until you can tell he is starting to become "comfortable" and calm in new surroundings. You can take a clean white sock and rub one on the face of each cat. This is where the “good” pheromones are on a cat. Then, you drop the sock of each cat in the other cat’s room. This allows them to smell the good pheromones of the other cat without yet meeting. After a couple days or when you feel like the kitties have settled in and are comfortable with you, proceed with the step.

Once you think kitty is relaxed and settling in nicely, the next step is to leave the door open where kitty has been staying. Allow kitty to come out at his own pace. It will take them a little time to adjust. Do this when you are at home and can be there to help kitty adjust by talking to her and encouraging her. Never force them to come out if they aren’t ready. They will naturally come out on their own when they feel comfortable. If you have other pets, please be nearby and keeping a close eye on them and new kitty.

Don't be surprised if new kitty does not eat normally at first. This is normal and part of the readjustment period. Relocation is a big change and kitty will need time to adjust. Be patient and loving and they will soon be right at home. Please be very careful when you come/go from the house. Some kitties will try to dart out open doors. Be vigilant to make certain kitties are not right at doors as you exit. When you have guests or repair persons over to your home, please secure kitties safely so that no one accidentally allows them to escape. I hear of this happening all the time and it's avoidable if you take necessary precautions. And, of course, should you move, please secure the kitties safely during the move. Then, follow these instructions again at your new home. Please let me know if you have any questions. I am happy to help. I wish you and your kitty great joy together! See the photo of how to set up litterbox. I recommend buying a cotton bath mat and placing the litter box 1/3 off of it per photo. When kitty uses litterbox and steps out onto the mat, most of the loose litter on kitty’s paws will come off on the mat which you can shake back into the box. Any other loose litter can easily be swept up to keep the area clean, by using a small sweeper.

Kitty’s love a clean litter box! Please clean it every time you see it used. Then, it will NEVER smell! This helpful information comes to us from author Melba Tarlton, a generous, kind cat rescuer in Charlotte who has SAVED countless kitty lives. Please print and pass on this important information to friends who are rescuing or inviting a new cat into the family!