Unlikely Duo (Chihuahua & Pigeon) Become Best of Friends

February 19, 2020
Chihuahuah and Pigeon

The Mia Foundation


At a Rochester NY animal rescue & rehabilitation facility, Mia Foundation, $6g was raised in just two days thanks to pictures posted of an unlikely cuddly pair. These two adorable friends, a bird & a puppy, both have mobility issues. Herman the pigeon is unable to fly due to a neurological condition (taken in from a car dealership parking lot) and his baby chihuahua buddy, Little Lundy is unable to use his hind legs due to a condition named swimmers syndrome. There is no pecking or nibbling between the two. Instead, they spend much time side by side and cuddle each other to sleep.  The story was first published here. 

Find out more about this adorable pair of friends on the Facebook Page for the Mia Foundation. 


Chihuahuah and Pigoen Duo
The Mia Foundation