How Can You Help the Animals Affected by The Australian Bushfire?

January 14, 2020
Koala eating leaves

Are you too heartbroken at the destruction the brush fires are causing in Australia. Two thousand homes burned & over 12 million acres have been scorched.  Personally, I find that the impact on wildlife is inconceivable.

An estimate reported by USAToday states over a billion mammals, birds & reptiles have perished. And then there are multitudes struggling to survive. Thankfully, celebrities like Pink (500g), Elton John & Chris Hemsworth (1 million ea) and Leonardo DiCaprio are giving money to rescue groups and fire departments. So, our big question here in NC is:  WHAT CAN WE DO TO HELP? In response, I’ve compiled a list of various charities with hands full in rescue efforts desperately needing donations.

Koala Hospital in Australia


World Wildlife Fund


Warriors 4 Wildlife


Animal Rescue Collective