We Want GOAT YOGA Now!

August 4, 2017

If you haven’t already heard, yoga classes at goat farms in Canada have been the rage. It’s also gaining traction in Oregon. People drive for miles, through thick city traffic to take yoga at countryside farms. Why you may ask(?) Well, picture this:  you're deeply breathing in earthy barnyard scents as you stretch to a downward dog then ...suddenly a nearby roaming goat gets behind you and jumps up to put his paws on your butt! Or perhaps your matt suddenly goes damp with goat pee. These situations don’t deter participation instead increase attendance. This is the stuff for flexibility, belly laughs & great stories! On a personal level, animal-person that I am, just to connect and gaze into a goat’s big brown eyes and hear it’s cackle is uplifting enough!

Heard that it’s available in Rock Hill.  Inviting all Yoga instructors to get more of this party started in the Carolinas!