Weeds Be Gone - W/out Harmful Chemicals

April 21, 2017

Happy Earth Day week to you!  If you prefer your lawn and/or garden to be weed free, you can choose while avoiding chemicals & harmful toxins.  I get excited when I learn tips & tidbits that help us while simultaneously protecting our planet and all its residents! :)

As we have seen through the years that Round Up and competing chemical weed killers are typically used in the landscaping world.  But why????   We know that the residual damage they leave lasts for years to come. And not just for the soil and irrigation, but for wild life that either walk on or eat greenery.  Your pet may be vulnerable to chemical exposure as H/she who is always barefoot!

My favorite NEW “go to” for weeds be gone is simply full-strength Vinegar.  And in 3 words –it’s sustainable, cheap & easy.  Please spread the word to anyone who has a lawn --  it’s 1Thing YOU can do that impacts the world! 

Click here for a few more sustainable methods.