What to Know About This Month's Spectacular Eclipse

August 2, 2017

By now you’ve heard of the Solar Eclipse coming August 21st. Plan on viewing? Indeed SAFETY is an issue --wear special eclipse glasses, or put a solar filter on your telescope!  Remember the Sun’s brightness is so strong, that staring at it can cause permanent eye damage –including blindness. And yes, there are countless cases confirming so.

How it works –back to my 4th grade science lesson:  the Moon orbits the Earth, and the Earth & Moon go around the Sun. It’s not often that the Sun, the Moon & the Earth directly line up.  Isn’t it fascinating that coastline tides have everything to do with the distance or closeness of the Moon’s orbit around us?! The Moon’s orbit is tilted meaning it hardly get’s perfectly lined up making an eclipse quite special! Depending where you are in relation to this Total Solar Eclipse -- stars will come out, skies darken, birds churp & temperatures drop.

Click here to see where you will be in viewing the spectacular event.