You Can Have Beautiful Furniture & Cat With Claws!

May 12, 2017

Several options on here are not for cats (crating).

The best option is to put strips of clean aluminum foil on areas you do not want kitty on.  The cats may not even get on the furniture!  Cats hate aluminum foil.  Once they learn it's on there, they will not go back.  So usually you put it on there, leave a week or two and remove.  Once removed, they still won’t go back there.

NEVER buy a deterrent device.  That is not a good suggestion. 

Expert Cat Rescue, Melba Tarlton, has great tips for us Cat People!

Double-Stick Tape

Double-stick tape is another little trick to keep your cat off the couch. There are commercially prepared tapes made specifically for this purpose or just make your own using tape you purchase at an office supply store. Buy the kind used for shipping as it is wider and more effective. Tape the strips on the couch cushions at about 1-inch intervals. The widest double-stick tape available is only 1/2-inch wide, so you will have to use a lot of it. Make sure the cushions are covered well with tape. Cats don't like the feeling of walking on adhesive. When you want to use the couch, simply flip the cushions over.

Rubber Runners

Rubber runners, the kind people have in their homes to keep wet shoes off of nice, clean carpets, are effective in keeping kitty of the couch. Measure your couch's length and then visit a home improvement store. In the flooring department you will find clear vinyl runners that are usually about 2 feet wide (happily, this is the width of most couches) and 1/8 inch thick. The runners are displayed on a big roller and sold by the foot. Have the runners cut to your own custom length. Make sure you buy the ones that have the little nubby things on the underside, as not all of them do. Now here's the trick. Place the runner on the couch upside down. The points underneath the runner will be uncomfortable for your cat to walk on. Cover the couch when it is not in use, and then just scoot the runner under the couch when you need to sit. Voila! Cat-proofed couch.

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