YOU Have Power to Make Charlotte Beautiful

April 14, 2017

Are you familiar with the incredible services of CROWN?  Charlotte, Reconnecting Ourselves With Nature.

If Charlotte’s beauty & wildlife preservation is important to you (why wouldn’t it be!), then I invite you to either volunteer or participating at their upcoming events.  And Parents remember -–you can inspire the next generation of earth caregivers by bringing your children!

By attending below dates, you will actually take a stand for the preservation of nature!  That is powerful!  After all, we can start by caring for our own backyard which affects our city …county, …state …country …earth!  It’s 1Thing WE can do!

Click highlighted text for details:

May 6th is “Kids Connect With Nature Day” – no special talent needed –just a capacity for fun

June 3rd is “Wild on the Water” at Latta Plantation Nature Preserve & includes FREE lunch!