10 of the Most Outrageous St. Patrick's Day Decorations and Costumes You Have to See to Believe

There's Still Time to Order These Items Before the Big Holiday!

March 8, 2018


St. Patrick’s Day is one of those holidays you just can’t get enough swag to celebrate with, right? 

From cat leggings to an Irish flag dress and even a giant rainbow arch for your front law, we’ve made a list of the ten craziest pieces of St. Patrick’s Day swag that you can totally order to show you’re the most spirited.

We're sharing this list early so you have time to place the order BEFORE next weekend.

St. Patrick's Day Clover Suit - This men's suit would be perfect for a more "formal" affair this holiday season, and by "formal" we mean just wear this to a parade or neighborhood bar. It costs under $60, and if you walk into a party wearing this you know people will take notice. You may get a few free drinks out of the deal. 

Women's Ireland Flag Dress - We’ve got you covered with "formal wear" too, ladies. This Ireland dress will turn heads at your St. Patrick’s Day festivities this weekend. This one is great because when your arm is down it may look like you're wearing a nice green dress. Once you raise your arm, you have transformed into looking like you belong on a flag pole.

Top Hat and Beard - You’re likely to see somebody (or 10 people) at your neighborhood's St. Patrick’s Day parade with a top hat and beard this week. So why re-invent the wheel with your own sense of style? Join the craziness with this top hat and beard.

Shamrock Newsboy Hat - We tried to find the most obnoxious St. Patrick’s Day hat possible for the big occasion. This shamrock hat can only be described as being "pretty gaudy," right? Actually, we kind of like it. OK, yeah, go ahead and buy us one too.

Leprechaun Shoes - Proper footwear is a must for one of the biggest holidays of the year. These shoes don’t look too comfortable, but for less than $10 you can have the best St. Patrick’s Day footwear possible.  Oh, and these shoes have jingle bells on them, so you’ll sound like you’re in the holiday spirit too.

St. Catty's Day Leggings - These leggings made our office chuckle a bit because they’ve combined two of our favorite things. That’s right, these leggings combined cats and St. Patrick’s Day. There is something adorable about a cat with a leprechaun hat, right? Put that on leggings, and it’s pure St. Patrick’s Day gold. See what we did there? Gold + Leprechaun? We cracked ourselves up with that one.

Riding on a Leprechaun Costume - We must admit, we don’t totally understand this one. However, this would probably be best for a rowdy occasion. For less than $50, you can look like you’re riding on the shoulders of a leprechaun. If you did try wearing this one to your neighborhood pub this weekend, you’d probably get some free drinks. Of course, you can totally wear this costume to around the house this year. That’s TOTALLY normal, right? 

Dog Leprechaun Costume - Now that you're dressed for the holiday, let's get your dog ready for St. Patty's Day. Yes, your dog will be super mad when you put him in this costume, but it would make for a GREAT Instagram photo this week. Just saying.

Giant Inflatable Outdoor St. Patrick's Day Arch - If you want to come out to the world and tell them you’re Irish and proud, then for just 125 bucks you can set up this giant St. Patrick’s Day arch In your front lawn.  Your neighbor may beat you at Christmas time with his fancy Christmas lights, but you can totally crush it this St. Patrick’s Day.

Inflatable Outdoor St. Patrick's Dalmatian PuppyWe’re not exactly sure what a Dalmatian puppy has to do with St. Patrick’s Day, but for just $70 you can have a 8 foot inflatable Irish Dalmatian in your front lawn ready to celebrate the holiday. The Dalmatian includes his own top hat, so naturally, it is a great purchase.

No matter what you wear or use to decorate your house this week, make sure it's a safe holiday.