7 Life Lessons From Mr. Rogers That Are Still True for Adults

Mr. Rogers would have celebrated his 90th birthday today

March 20, 2018

USA Today

Mr. Fred Rogers would have turned 90 years old today (March 20).

With political fights on our Facebook feeds every day and just dealing with life’s daily struggles, we wanted to take a short trip down memory lane with some of the best lessons that many of us learned from Mr. Rogers. We may be adults, but we could all probably still use help from one of our most beloved national treasures. 

7. LESSON: Human beings learn best and most from other human beings.

6. LESSON: Don’t be superficial​ in life.

5. LESSON: Love is a state of perfect caring.

4. LESSON: Be mindful of your impact on your community and those around you at all times.

3. LESSON: Love is a state of perfect caring.

2. LESSON: Don’t be afraid to cry.

1. LESSON: Don't expect too much from yourself.

Mr. Rogers Says Goodbye: We also dug up this clip where Mr. Rogers offered a message to his adult fans. This was recorded just a few months before Mr. Rogers passed away in 2003.

We miss you, Mr. Rogers!