Alex Trebek Takes Medical Leave from 'Jeopardy!' Following Brain Surgery

January 5, 2018

Carrienelson1 |

Alex Trebek is taking some time off as the host of the popular Jeopardy! game show. The 77-year-old television veteran revealed on Thursday that he was recovering from brain surgery. 

Jeopardy! shared a video from Trebek across their social media channels late Thursday.

In the video, Trebek reveals that he had a subdural hematoma (blood clots on the brain). They were caused by a fall he endured in October 2017.

The surgery, which took place on December 15, was successful. Now Alex's recovery is at his home, according to the show's website.

The game show veteran is expected to return to tapings of the program in mid-January. In fact, Jeopardy!'s broadcast schedule was not affected by Trebek's recovery. 

Alex has hosted the program since it premiered in 1984. He is signed on as the show's host through the 2019-2020 television season.