Anna Faris Gets Really Personal in New Memoir

October 25, 2017

USA Today

Anna Faris got very intimate in her newly released memoir, Unqualified, which was released yesterday (October 24). In fact, not a whole lot was off limits from the personal life of the 40-year-old actress.

Of course, Some of her biggest revelations came around her relationship with Chris Pratt. The 40-year-old actress announced her legal separation from the 38-year-old actor in August. The pair met in 2007 on the set of Take Me Home Tonight

Faris addressed rumors that she had cheated on her ex-husband (Ben Indra) with Chris Pratt. Faris clarified that she called her husband from the set of the 2007 movie to say she was leaving him.

“Pretty soon I was knocking on Chris’ door,” she admits.

By the way, it sounds like Chris Pratt is a TOTAL romantic. US Weekly summarized some of the little gestures that Pratt did in the course of their relationship to impress the Mom star.

Anna, by the way, still has a ton of insecurities about her body and even gets nervous on the set of her hit CBS sitcom, Mom. US Weekly also covered more of those revelations from Unqualified here. She even covered the Chris Pratt / Jennifer Lawrence cheating rumors.

Unqualified is available at book retailers now.