Art Teacher Makes Sarcastic Halloween Graveyard for Trends That "Died" in 2017

October 18, 2017


For one New York art teacher, Halloween offers a chance to bury some of society’s worst trends.

Michael Fry, a 39-year-old art teacher from Mamaroneck, NY, is making headlines for his hilarious set of Halloween decorations. For the third year in a row the feather of two has painted gravestones to reflect trends that have been “laid to rest” this year.

The gravestones in 2016 ranged from “credit card swipe strip” to “Brangelina.” The father of two says he gets input from his students, friends and his family about what should be included each year.

This year’s list includes: #roseallday, dabbing, ombrehair, watching live TV, and our favorite: “the old Taylor Swift.”

The Halloween house going extra in the neighborhood.

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We’re already making a list of trends that we hope will disappear in time for next year’s graveyard. Hopefully selfie sticks are on that list.