Best Man Hijacks Wedding By Proposing During Ceremony

June 8, 2017


This guy may be the "worst best man ever." Actually, he totally IS the worst best man ever. 

A recent bride wrote into Slate's advice columnist, "Dear Prudence," after her husband's best man totally hijacked her wedding. 

The best man (who is called "John") proposed to his girlfriend (who is called "Jane") during the ceremony. Oh, and they also announced Jane's pregnancy during the ceremony. 

The bride says it was so crazy that she couldn't even hear the vows that her husband wrote for her. Why? Well, Jane was happily SOBBING about her engagement for the rest of the bride's ceremony.


So the best man only has one job that night, right? He's really just got to give a great speech during the reception. So "John" must have given a great speech to make up for the ceremony, right?


Nope. John's entire toast was about his future with Jane. Oh, John and Jane had their OWN special dance too.

The newlyweds wondered if this should warrant the end of their friendship with John. Well, of course, "Twitter" seemed to think they should totally ditch John. There are even thousands of tweets telling the bride to get revenge at John's wedding.


So what's the "official advice?" Well, Dear Prudence said it definitely warrants a "serious conversation," but it doesn't necessarily mean the end of their friendship.