Beyonce and Jay-Z Bring Twins Home to Malibu Rental

June 27, 2017

Ken Blaze - USA Today Sports

Beyoncé and Jay-Z's newborn twins have left the hospital!

E! is reporting that the couple brought their babies home sometime within the past couple of days.

The twins remained in the hospital after being born a little prematurely, according to previous reports. Of course, it is pretty common for twins to arrive a little early. "Under the lights" usually just means that the babies are jaundice. It is not a condition that has any long lasting effects usually.

In fact, the twins are said to be "doing great," according to reports. Beyonce is reportedly doing very well too. 

The couple is currently living in a rental home in Malibu, California. Don't worry, though, there is plenty of room for a family of five in the $400,000 a month rental. Reports say that the family will be staying there through the end of August.